"I wish I would've learnt Urdu" – Hindustan Times

Actress Nargis Fakhri says she is “adapting” and “adjusting” in Bollywood by working on her Hindi diction every day, but she wishes she would have learnt Urdu during her younger days.

Nargis used to stay in New York before she got her big Bollywood break with “Rockstar”. Now she will be seen in “Madras Cafe”.

“I’m still learning everyday, and I’m learning to adapt and adjust. I work as much as I can. I have leant to read and write, I try to watch films without subtitles so that I can understand (Hindi) better. I wish I would have learnt Urdu when I was a child,” said Nargis.
“I started taking Hindi classes one year ago. I understand at least 80 percent. I’m trying really hard, but I don’t understand many jokes. But I’m happy now people cannot talk (bad) about me in Hindi, because I understand that,” she quipped.

In the time between “Rockstar” and “Madras Cafe”, Nargis was occupied with travelling and reading scripts.
“I was busy reading scripts, dance classes, Hindi classes, travelling to see my family, moving my stuff from New York to Mumbai and adjusting,” she said, adding that she will always do films that “I feel I want to watch as an audience”.


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