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Yehuda Fox said that the Palestinian Authority in the occupied West Bank, is in Israel’s security interest.
A school sheltering internally displaced Palestinians was hit by Israeli fire – killing at least 29.
Report says famine has spread throughout the enclave after nine months of war.
Two injured elderly Palestinians found Gaza City’s al-Ahli Arab Hospital deserted.
Since October 7, Palestinians held by Israel have described horrific treatment in military detention centres.
Settler white supremacy everywhere shares one dream.
A new report says Israel did enact directive, allowing for killings of captives taken by Hamas on October 7.
US university says it will introduce a ‘vigorous’ anti-discrimination training programme after the incident.
Gaza City residents ordered to move to central Deir el-Balah, which the UN says is ‘already overcrowded’.
Two women send desperate messages from Gaza City, detailing the panicked rush for safety as Israel attacked.
10 UN experts sound alarm on famine in the Gaza Strip, as Israeli attacks leave streets of north Gaza ‘unrecognisable’.
Hamas accuses Israeli leader of obstructing negotiations for truce and hostage release as mediators again push for deal.
Constant attacks on al-Mawasi ‘safe zone’ make clear that Israel’s intention is to eliminate Palestinian existence.
The study finds factors like diseases will lead to many more indirect deaths in the long run even if the war stops now.
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