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We’re considering PS5 vs gaming laptop to help you choose which gaming platform is best for you.
Deciding between a PS5 and gaming laptop is a big commitment that requires you to consider all the factors like price, specs, and most importantly, what games are available to play.
Things get complicated when you factor in the number of gaming laptops available, ranging from the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Gen 7 gaming laptop, to Razer’s well-received Razer Blade 15. It’ll take time to choose the right gaming laptop when factoring in resolution, budget and refresh rate amongst other important specs.
In comparison and on its own, the PS5 appears a simple choice, at the time of writing retailing for $500 on Amazon. The release of the PS5 Slim further complicates matters. Both consoles boast incredible specs with 4K resolution and performance boosts of up to 120fps. The PS5 Slim’s release has also prompted Sony to confirm it will not be restocking the original console when it next sells out. In other words, your choice just got a bit harder.
There are the expected drawbacks though, like more expensive PS5 games plus the recurring subscription payment to PS Plus & PS Now.
We’ll be going into greater depth below, namely putting PS5 vs gaming laptop head-to-head in terms of games, convenience, specs & overall longevity.
First, let’s take a look at the PS5 specs for the original console. We’ve also compared the PS5 specs to PS5 Slim specs. In a nutshell, the PS5 Slim boasts a 1TB SSD, two USB-C ports, and an overall slimmer design.
Clearly, the PS5 has made a huge generational leap from PS4. It offers 4K gaming, immersive 3D audio and a considerably speedy SSD. Sony also released its first pro controller, the DualSense Edge which you can read about in our hands-on review.
Despite its large size, the PS5 remains cool and quiet during intensive gaming sessions which isn’t always the case for gaming laptops, unless it’s a premium build.
The console also supports Ray Tracing which means you can enjoy the dazzling display of light and colour as you move between Manhattan’s skyscrapers in Spider-Man: Miles Morales.
It’s a bit more tricky to give the specs of gaming laptop since we’re not comparing a specific model. However, if we’re looking at premium gaming laptops, those with 13th Gen Core CPUs, 16GB of RAM and an RTX 3070 GPU or higher should deliver a great performance comparable with PS5.
The bottom line is that a gaming laptop boasting the same specs as a PS5 will cost you at least a grand more.
The PS5, at the time of writing is available for $500 on Amazon, whilst a premium gaming laptop of similar calibre, like the Razer Blade 15 or XMG Neo 15 E22 will cost around $2,000.
Once the orginal PS5 console sells out, only the PS5 Slim will be available, and the costs are as follows:
Though the start-up costs of PS5 are considerably lower than a gaming laptop, the games are cheaper on Steam than PlayStation Store. If you already have PS4 titles, most of them will be compatible with PS5 though (99% of PS4 games are compatible with PS5).
PlayStation also has some impressive PS-only games like Spider-Man 2 and Bloodborne, plus boasts the promise of an exciting future of next-gen games. They do cost slightly higher than PC games though. There are plenty of free PlayStation games though, so remember you’re not limited to spending $50 a pop on a game.
Steam puts their games on sale on a regular basis – with titles available for up to 90% off on special occasions. Their major sales come 5 times a year, which is an alluring option if price is a defining factor for you.
Ultimately in our PS5 vs gaming laptop comparison, we think Steam comes out on top against the PlayStation Store, especially factoring in the threat that PS5 may not make PS4 games compatible in the future. Given we’re in the sales period though, you may want to check out a roundup of Gaming Laptop Black Friday laptop deals to knock off some dollar.
Power consumption shouldn’t be overlooked as a factor.
If you’re gaming on PS5, you have the combined power consumption of your console and the TV or monitor you’re gaming on. In comparison, even the most powerful gaming laptops will use considerably less power than the PS5.
So, we’re concluding from this that costs will be higher for a long gaming session on PS5 compared to a gaming laptop. Ultimately though, power consumption is fairly minor which can be factored into your final decision, rather than a deciding factor.
The PS5 and gaming laptop vary quite dramatically here – the bottom line is that you won’t find much in the way of customization from PS5. And this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the type of gamer you are.
With PS5, you get a standard gaming setup – this means you’re leaving the games to be optimized by the developers, trusting that they get it right for you. This could be a win for you – since all you need to do is turn your console on and play without the fiddling.
If this doesn’t sound like your style, then a gaming laptop is likely better for you. They don’t compete with their PC counterparts, but there’s still a nice choice of customization for both hardware and software.
Popular peripherals upgraded on gaming laptops included gaming keyboards and mice. If you’re looking for budget options, then we’ve got you covered with some top tier gaming keyboards under $100, and gaming mice for under $50.
It’s slightly more difficult to accurately compare the PS5 to gaming laptops in terms of durability and longevity here. This is because gaming laptop longevity wildly varies between models, depending on the manufacturer, specs and the upkeep of your machine. As of November 2023, the orginal PS5 console will be phased out once all the stock is gone, leaving the newer PS5 Slim to replace it.
You can probably expect your gaming laptop to perform its best in the first 3-5 years of owning it. To maximise this period, we’d recommend keeping your laptop’s internals clean from dust to keep the overheating to a minimum. Another tip to prevent overheating is to ensure you’re only using your laptop on hard surfaces so that you’re not obstructing airflow.
Ultimately, your decision will come down to personal preference on the kind of games you want to play, and the funds you have to play them.
Know that whichever choice you make, gaming laptops are showing no signs of slowing down, while the arrival of PS5 Slim suggests PlayStation is always pushing for progress. Expect new VR games for PS5 and gaming laptops more powerful than we’ve seen before. If you’re interested in pre ordering the PS5 Slim, check back here soon because PlayStation is yet to confirm a thing!
Which gaming laptop is equivalent to PS5?
PS5 delivers pretty premium specs when it comes to gaming, so a premium gaming laptop like the Razer Blade 15 or laptop like Dell G15 which is slightly more sensibly priced should deliver similar results.
What is the difference between PS5 Digital and normal PS5?
PS5 Digital is the budget counterpart to PS5, and comes without a disc drive. They do however, share identical power and features which includes Ray Tracing support and 4K. Those happy to part with physical game disks would be happy with PS5 Digital, so long as they have a strong internet connection.
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