Boost Productivity With Tech: 5 Gadgets That Make You More Efficient At Work – Communication, Focus, Connectivity – The Economic Times

Focus, communication and connectivity are the key elements of productivity at work. In order to maintain these, one might need to put in additional efforts, both physically and mentally. However, in a world of technology, gadgets have made everything easier.Here’s a list of five gizmos that will simplify communication and keep you focussed and connected at work, thereby boosting overall productivity.

Your mobile devices will never run short of power with this 2400mAh window mounted solar charger. Yes, it is powered by solar energy and flaunts an interesting ultra-thin design. The built-in sucker allows the charger to firmly attach on the car or office window. It also acts as a power bank with a built-in battery that provides power to your mobile device on-the-go.

The Surface Hub 2 is designed to enhance productivity by offering a platform for collaboration and creativity in a digital workplace. It has a sleek 50.5-inch 4K display that can be rotated with a slight push, turning it into a huge portrait screen. With the new Microsoft Whiteboard app, its features on the large touchscreen make you feel like you are at a real whiteboard.

Here is a comfortable and discreet device that attaches to your back with a hypoallergenic adhesive to help you stay in the right posture and strengthen your back while you sit at your workstation for long hours. It comes with an app that features live monitoring of your posture status using an animated character, lets you track your progress and view your daily statistics.

This Bluetooth smartpen for iOS and Android devices is a great tool to transform what you write by hand into a digital file. You just need to write on a piece of paper using the smart pen, and Bluetooth technology transmits what you write to your connected device. A receiver, clipped at the top of the paper you are working on, detects smartpen writing and transmits it in real-time via Bluetooth to your mobile device.

The Light Phone 2 is a simple, 4G LTE phone with a black and white matte e-ink display. Often referred to as a ‘dumb phone’, it can only make calls, send texts and get directions. And that’s all you need from your phone when you need to focus at work and cure your addiction to apps — it eliminates time-wasters like social media apps and games. The Light Phone 2 also has an alarm clock, speaker, microphone and physical buttons.

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