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If you’ve been looking for the best iOS adventure games for iPad or iPhone then look no further, we’ve compiled the list of the biggest and best games, sure to captivate you with a sense of wonder and awe.

What are Adventure games?

What are adventure games? The genre seems like it can be tacked onto so many different genres. Are narrative games adventures? What about exploration titles? How about puzzle games? The answer is yes. Anything can belong to the genre as long as you can have an adventure. And most games do have them.
It’s one of the oldest genres, and that means that, over the years, it’s been through quite a few twists and turns. But, if you can journey beyond the horizon, then it almost certainly fits into this category, especially if you’re directly controlling the characters on that journey.

What are the best adventure games for iPhone and iPad?

In this list, we have everything from the latest, hottest jRPG Gatcha sensations through to time-twisting teen titles, and we stop off everywhere in between – including at some fantastic visual novels and text adventures. Phew.
Boy, this was a hard list to make, so we hope that you really enjoy reading through it. So, click on the big button below to read on and find out our favourite adventure games for iPhone and iPad. If you think we’ve missed something then leave us a comment, because we do occasionally revisit our various lists to make sure that we’ve kept them completely up-to-date and true to the genre. Of course, if you like any of them, go to the App Store and download your favourite adventure game for iOS!
Everyone is playing Genshin Impact at the moment – which is a massive, beautiful RPG where you will be exploring around, trying to find answers from The Seven – gods of each element. The world is beautiful, very much inspired by Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and there is a lot to explore – climbing mountains, going across rivers, traveling through fields of moving grass. When you do encounter monsters, there are all sorts of different elements that you can use to give yourself the upper hand, if you have mastered them!
The stunning graphics beautifully intertwine with the immersive gameplay, which easily places it in the landing spot on our best adventure games for iOS list. If you’re not sure what Genshin Impact is and how it plays, you should read our Genshin Impact review.
After you’ve decided to give it a shot, make sure to check our massive (and increasing!) collection of Genshin Impact articles. We’ve got everything you’ll ever need, from individual character guides to codes and even an up-to-date tier list!
Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey is a puzzle-filled game where you are trying to solve and understand the secrets of the world of Krystopia. You play as Nova Dune, who wants to learn about the inhabitants of Krystopia. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding this planet, but most of them are behind different puzzles that you will need to discover and solve.
Krystopia is beautiful and well worth your attention. While you might get a lot from a free-to-play game like the aforementioned Genshin Impact, the gameplay in this puzzler is something that will stay with you for a long time.
Download Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey
Sky: Children of the Light is another beautiful adventure game for iOS on this list! This game has a huge community feel, as you watch ghosts of other players travel around the world, interacting only through movements while they try to solve their own quests. Looking to return the fallen stars to their constellations, there is a lot of discovery in this world – as well as chances to interact with the others who are floating around the world.
This stunning creation and the captivating story that it tells make up the perfect game for both seasoned adventure lovers and those who are looking to change things up. It’s, simply put, brilliant!
You should read our Sky: Children of the Light review, and when you do decide to start playing, you can dive deeper into our Children of the Light guide.
The last person left in a village after everyone has moved towards the city, you can play as Talma, who lives a slow and gentle life. In solitary, she survives, tending to her farm and her lovely goats. You can care for these animals, develop a routine, make cheese, cook meals, grow what you need and attempt to trade. As time goes on though, your family from the city starts sending you strange messages… The Stillness of the Wind seems simple at first, but this adventure is much grander than meets the eye.
We’d tell you more, but that means ruining the surprise. All we’re going to say is that it’s worth playing, and even re-playing once you get to understand it – we also mentioned how much we loved it in our Stillness of the Wind review, so if you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, make sure you don’t miss it.
Away: Journey to the Unexpected is a love letter to Anime – where you play as whatever character you can convince to join your team. These different characters have their own way of fighting and exploring the land, and they do all come with quirks. The older man, for example, has broken glasses – which means your view is pretty cracked apart. The world has interesting creatures and a lot to explore!
This game will be best played on a bigger screen, making it one of the best adventure games for iPads even years after its release. It’s an unexpectedly great choice, and you should read the Away: Journey of the Unexpected review if you need further convincing.
The Gardens Between is another iOS adventure game full of puzzle elements, where you explore the memories of two young friends before one of them moves away. Each level comes in the form of an island that you need to find your way through, ending with some sort of memory that had a lot to do with the island itself. You are able to move by going forward and backward in time – moving the way you’d walk through the world as you play.
It’s a title like no other, and the actual narrative is unique from a multitude of perspectives. We simply cannot overlook just how incredibly well-made and enticing the entire game is. One of the must-play games belonging to the genre, just like we said in The Gardens Between review.
OXENFREE is a supernatural thriller full of adventure, where you play a teenager called Alex who has brought your stepbrother to an overnight island party, but things have gone awry. You must now deal with the ghostly events that are appearing, and the creatures you have summoned, and figure out what is going on with the island while making decisions for your friend’s future. It’s a spooky one, that’s for sure.
In this adventure, it’ll all come down to the choices you make, much like in Life Is Strange. The outcome can be different based on each otherwise meaningless choice, and that only adds to the replay value of the game. You’ll want to dive into it all over again to discover all the possibilities – you can do that by reading our OXENFREE review!
Machinarium is an awesome hit from the small studio Amanita Design. A touching story about how a small robot makes his way through a planet littered with debris and inhabited by bandits, hoping to find someone special to him with whom he spent the best days of his mechanical life.
The artwork of the Machinarium is cute, and the design is amazing. The locations are full of mechanical life, which creates a fantastic atmosphere. This game is an incredible story of a small robot in a quite weird world. If you are looking for an interesting adventure, you should give Machinarium a try!
This title has a much-deserving spot on the list for a number of reasons. First would be the amazing narrative. There are so many reasons why this narrative is so incredibly well done, and one of them is the choice-based results that you will end up with. All of your actions will affect the final outcome, and in a game that affects the present through past choices, that’s even more important. To give you a hand, we even have some Life is Strange tips.
If you are not familiar with the name, just stop what you’re doing and get it right now. You want to play this for hours on end, without as much as a break. It’s one of the best adventure games for iOS out there at the moment, and will probably remain that way for the foreseeable future.
A game where an alluring narrative meets stunning graphics and adventure elements, OPUS: Rocket of Whispers is a much-deserving title on this list. We can simply say that it’s exceptional and well done, but that wouldn’t be enough. The wide exploration and countless objects to discover, make it all the more exciting.
We could just say that it’s a one worth playing, so make sure you give it a try the first chance you get. You won’t regret it. We’ve also said that in our OPUS: Rocket of Whispers review, but it doesn’t even come close to how the actual gameplay is.
Kingdom: New Lands is an adventure game with tower defense aspects, where you take on the role of a monarch, who needs to build their kingdom up from nothing. It’s a hard challenge – exploring new lands for resources, finding royal subjects, and keeping yourself protected from the monsters that come out at night. Being a ruler is a challenge, especially when it comes to exploring new worlds and trying to keep greed away.
Kingdom: New Lands is pretty unique when compared to other names on the list, but the adventure aspect of it only makes it something to behold. We’d recommend playing it on an iPad for the bigger screen – we also played it on an iOS device in our Kingdom: New Lands review, so you can check it out to learn how well it plays.
Dead Cells was everywhere a few years back – an action platformer with adventure elements where you need to find your way through an ever-changing castle. As you play, you will need to learn and master a bunch of different weapons and skills, to fight your way through so many different enemies and bosses who seem to live there.
It’s a challenging game, but if you are up for the challenge, you’ll enjoy the variety that twists throughout the gameplay! It’s not ideal if you want a casual, laid-back venture. This would be your go-to pick when seeking an adventurous iOS adventure game!
It is brilliant, and you can read about our experience playing it in our Dead Cells review. We’ve also put together some Dead Cells tips, so check those too when you start playing!
Ryan North’s To Be or Not To Be is a branching narrative adventure game where you are taking on the role of characters from Shakesphere’s various characters, but making decisions that can change their story. You can die right at the start of his plays or attempt to live on and explore different aspects of the world that you might not have thought about before.
Oh, and one more thing – you don’t need to be a huge fan of Shakespeare to play this game. You’ll just need to prepare for a hearty adventure! Did you know we also have a To Be Or Not To Be review? Don’t forget to read that too!
You know, the opening line to the Sunless Sea really sells it to me: “If the giant crabs, sentient icebergs and swarms of bats don’t get you, madness and cannibalism certainly will.” The first time I read that I thought they were luring me in, the second time I read it as a warning of death to come. You’re looking to stay alive in the Sunless Sea – no matter what – and you will come up with a lot of moral choices and strange beings along the way.
Sunless Sea is easily one of the best adventure games for iOS that cleverly embraces the darker side of life, with all of its elements. Definitely a must-play for every fan of the genre – just read our Sunless Sea review if you’re not convinced.
Broken Age is a fantastic adventure game created by Double Fine Productions. You will have to control two characters separately. The first one is a teenager named Shay, and the second is a girl named Vella. During the gameplay, you can switch between both characters at any time. It seems that Shay and Vella are not connected to each other, but the plot is full of events that affect both characters.
It has high-quality cartoon graphics and an interesting art style. Broken Age is an incredible story with an amazing atmosphere. If you are looking for an unusual adventure game, Broken Age will be one of the best options! Also, while you are here, make sure to check our list of the best soft launch mobile games for iPhone, iPad, or Android!


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