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A Fresh Attempt Despite Flaws
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Vishwak-Sen-Gaami-Telugu-Movie-ReviewWhat Is the Film About?
Gaami is about Shankar (Vishwak Sen) and his peculiar situation, infused with a human touch, wherein the cure lies in the Himalayas. In the parallel world, the story unfolds with a Devadasi and a captive; the latter endeavors to escape, while exploring if they share a connection, forming the narrative of Gaami.
Vishwak Sen plays Shankar, a complete departure from his usual loud and hyper body language. He does full justice to the character by being moody, sad, and subtle in dialogue delivery. Even though there isn’t much emotional depth to explore as an actor, his overall performance in Gaami will bring goodwill to his career.
The styling chosen for Vishwak aptly fits the role he is playing, and the costumes and his overall appeal gel well with the visual tone.
Chandini Chowdary plays more of a supporting role than a female lead in Gaami. Whatever is given to her, she does it with no complaints. That’s about it.
Gaami is directed by debutant Vidyadhar Kagita. He has an interesting core idea that is equally complex and requires no room for confusion, while at the same time, the plot heavily depends on visual effects.
Firstly, we must appreciate the director for taking up the challenge. The film begins interestingly from the get-go, grabbing attention mainly due to the core problem of the lead character. The director further builds upon it to generate more interest by showing the solution for the rare problem.
Simultaneously, he introduces two subplots that are entirely different from each other, adding additional interest to the proceedings.
However, what lacks are the tempo or tense moments that could have been raised using situations, but that doesn’t happen. The good thing is that the film does not lose interest as the lead character navigates through the Himalayas, facing various challenges. But one can’t stop feeling the need for more tempo.
The interval feels abrupt, but again, the core issue keeps us looking forward to the second half.
The second half begins with Chandini Chowdary explaining the reason why she is part of Shankar’s problem in a moody tone, and further slowness starts to creep in as it progresses.
However, the bigger complaint is the director fails to explore or make use of two key subplots. Whether it’s the Devadasi track, which is used for emotion, or the Captives for research track, both are executed at a surface level. Neither of them feels impressive, though not boring at the same time. Take, for example, the escape from the prison-like Lab; the visuals offer the vibe, but the execution is pretty basic.
Had these two subplots come together well, they would have elevated the film to another level. But that does not happen.
But what keeps us engaged is Vishwak’s core problem and his journey, and the excellent visuals along with the background score literally breathe life into the proceedings.
There is one particular sequence in the ice mountains involving a rope that is executed well, generating enough tense moments, and the quality VFX come along.
Overall, Gaami, despite its issues, the fresh setting, honest making, and the quality visuals and score make it a one-time watch for those who appreciate different films.
Chandini-Chowdary-Gaami-Telugu-Movie-ReviewPerformances by Others Actors
Gaami has a limited supporting cast, but most of them, even though they have brief appearances, add to the fresh feel. Those whom we already know, like Abhinaya, etc., do their job without any complaints. Mohammad Samad fits the role, but as we have written above, the entire track needs better writing and execution.
Music-Director-Naresh-KumaranMusic and Other Departments?
The main asset for Gaami is its technical crew, and it literally shows in every scene. The camera work by Vishwanath Reddy is excellent, and the music by Naresh Kumaran is equally good, elevating the visuals with a fresh score. Together, these two breathe life into the film.
Editing by Raghavendra Thirun could have been sharper, and surprisingly, there are some scenes that feel patchy and abrupt, but they made it to the final theatrical cut. The writing is decent for the most part.
We must say, the production values are excellent for a film coming from a budget like this.
Fresh plot
VFX and Visuals
Production Design
Does not rise above the bar
Underdeveloped subplots
Intermittent lag
Did I Enjoy It?
Yes, despite its pacing issues and other flaws, it’s still a refreshing watch.
Will You Recommend It?
Yes, for those who enjoy unique films, don’t mind a slow pace, and aren’t looking for perfection.
Gaami Movie Review by M9
Final Report:
Gaami can be slow and dull at times, but it undeniably offers a unique experience, even though some of its subplots remain underdeveloped. The visuals, score, and setting make it worth watching for those who appreciate refreshing attempts. Watch it.
First Half Report:
The first half of Gaami is engaging despite its slow pace. The visuals and score contribute to a technically sound production. The interval is abrupt, but the core issue keeps us looking forward to the second half.
Gaami starts off with a different backdrop, establishing the core problem of the lead character Shankar (Vishwak Sen).Stay tuned for the first half report.
Stay tuned for Gaami movie review, U.S. premiere report.
Gaami is seen as something different in Telugu cinema, and after being in the making for several years, the trailer has sparked buzz and interest in the film. We will have to see how well the debutant director has delivered.
Cast: Vishwak sen, Chandini Chowdary, M G Abhinaya, Mohammad Samad, Harika Pedada, Dayanand Reddy
Director:- Vidyadhar Kagita
Producer:- Karthik Sabareesh
Co producer – Swetha Moravaneni
Screenplay:- Vidyadhar Kagita, Pratyush Vatyam
DOP:- Vishwanath Reddy ch
Vfx supervisor:- Sunil Raju Chinta
Music:- Naresh Kumaran
Presents by:- V Celluloid
U.S. Distributor: Shloka Entertainments
Gaami Movie Review by M9


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