Justice Department Announces Nationwide Health Care Fraud Enforcement Action – Department of Justice

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The Justice Department today announced the 2024 National Health Care Fraud Enforcement Action, which resulted in criminal charges against 193 defendants, including 76 doctors, nurse practitioners, and other licensed medical professionals in 32 federal districts across the United States, for their alleged participation in various health care fraud schemes involving approximately $2.75 billion in intended losses and $1.6 billion in actual losses.
National Health Care Fraud Enforcement Action Results in 193 Defendants Charged and Over $2.75 Billion in False Claims
Attorney General Merrick B. Garland Delivers Remarks on a National Health Care Fraud Enforcement Action Resulting in 193 Defendants Charged and Over $2.75 Billion in False Claims
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Health care fraud is a crime that impacts every American. It siphons off hard-earned tax dollars meant to provide care for the vulnerable and disabled. When health care providers and…
Good afternoon. We are here today to announce the results of a two-week nationwide law enforcement action, across 32 federal districts, and against 193 defendants, for their roles in health…
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