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 When yesterday Apple officially announced to the world that (with a bit of exaggeration) the charging adapters and wired earphones in the iPhone package don’t even need it and therefore they will be removed from them in order to help protect the planet, practically no one was surprised by this move. This step was expected thanks to a lot of information leaks from the past weeks, although it was certainly not welcomed with joy. In a way, it can be gratifying at least that Apple has reduced the price of wired EarPods with a Lightning connector in its Online Store. 
In the Czech version of your Online Store Apple charged 790 crowns for the EarPods cable headphones since their launch, which is by no means a low amount. After yesterday’s announcement of their end in iPhone boxes, however, he lowered their price to a more favorable 590 crowns, apparently to at least somehow compensate for their absence to users and perhaps even support their sales. However, this is kind of strange from an ecological point of view, because instead of one box traveling around the world with an iPhone and headphones inside, two boxes will suddenly be needed – that is, one for the headphones and one for the phone. Of course, not everyone will buy EarPods and thus de facto contribute to the creation of additional electronic waste, which is bad for the planet, but even so, this step can be described as quite controversial globally, because on closer examination it is not nearly as positive as could seem 
You have the wrong price there.
So not Air but Ear. All right then.
I’m begging you PetriK, sometimes it’s really better to be silent than to try to teach someone… unfortunately you didn’t use that opportunity and had the need to express yourself. It is very sad when an Apple fan has no idea how individual headphones are labeled…
for 590? Well, I would take three at once!!!! Haha!
Yes, they are for NOK 590, you can go shopping. Why doesn’t someone just look first and slap…. Ear x Air…
So when they cost a tenth, the price will match the quality of sound and performance.

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