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The Finals Season 2The Finals Season 2 is live on Steam, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. The new season introduces a host of new gameplay features, including the Horizon map, which is described as a “glitchy, colourful cityscape that’s partially loaded with floating geometric shapes”. Elsewhere, fans can check out a new 5-v-5 game mode in which teams attempt to escort a physical platform through the arena. The twist, however, is that the platform rips through anything in its path. Elsewhere, the development studio has added a tutorial, three new weapons, new specialisations, and a Battle Pass complete with dozens of rewards.
The Finals Season 2 patch notes…
• Added the standard issue of the new SYS$HORIZON map
• Added the Retro Invasion 82 event to every map
• Dematerializer
 – Enables the user to create temporary holes in the arena construction
• Gateway
 – Throw out two Gateways to create a spatial link between them, enabling quick traversing through the arena
• Data Reshaper
 – A “prop-swap” executable that lets players transform objects and deployed equipment from other contestants into canisters or decor
• Reverse Gravity Cube
 – A throwable Cube that creates a limited-area gravity field where anything not nailed to the ground will elevate toward the sky
• FAMAS – Burst Rifle – Medium
• 93R – Burst Pistol – Light
• KS-23 – Slug Shotgun – Heavy
• Fixed an issue where the scoreboard would not show the potential score for transfers in progress
• Fixed an issue with flamethrower kills sometimes being attributed as self-elimination due to the flamethrower user being eliminated
• Fixed dome and mesh shield not blocking projectiles and explosions correctly
• Fixed broken interactions on the crane
• Fixed an issue that allowed players to steal objectives through floors and walls
• Fixed an issue where flashbang effects were not shown for a spectating player
• Fixed an issue where explosive objects attached to another object would fall off if the primary object was destroyed. The explosive object attached will now also take appropriate damage in this situation
• Fixed an issue where melee swings could damage occluded structures, for example: destroying the outside walls from inside an elevator
• Fixed an issue on controllers where you would drop your held item if you pressed the primary weapon button while the primary weapon was equipped
• Fixed an issue where minor props like chairs and tables sometimes did not get affected by explosives
• Fixed a bug where the Mesh Shield regen would fail to start correctly
• Fixed bug where radial damage falloff was incorrectly calculated for carriables and props
• Fixed a bug where Oil barrels would not start burning from specific damage events
• Fixed an issue where melee animations would look wrong when affected by status effects
• Fixed an issue where dagger animations wouldn’t play correctly
• Added new frontend idle animation for squad members equipped with LH1
• Fixed the T-pose bug when players would use the sword lunge and swap items at the same time
• Fixed a bug for the 1887 Dough Wrangler skin where the left hand would pop up on the screen when shooting while crouching
• Fixed a bug that caused floating items to appear when riding ziplines
• Fixed a bug where melee swings happening at the end of mantling would skip the animation
• Fixed a bug where the character’s arms would clip each other when wielding throwing knives
• Fixed bug where ADS-specific weapon handling would play outside of ADS
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• Improved spawn selection around active objectives
• Fixed issue where players could push opposing teams to spawn unfavorable by not inserting the Cashbox
• Fix for case where two squads spawning at the same frame could use the same spawn point
• New & improved algorithm for map selection to ensure you rarely see the same map multiple times in a row — leaving matches will not affect the outcome of the selection
• Improved lighting on nighttime Monaco
• Reduced wind movement on vegetation in Las Vegas
• Fixed issue where multiple level objects were overlapping each other
• Fixed issue with some materials in the End of Round Celebration being drawn behind the team logo
• Improved debris handling, letting it settle before being removed.
• Improved lighting on Seoul Fog and Storm settings
• Fixed bug with Glint Tint skin not looking correct
• Added voice lines for reloading
• Improved footstep audio for players using pistols
• Fixed a bug where objective pings would not play the correct audio
• Fixed bug where match commentary would play in the practice range
• Added sounds for squadmate down and the last player standing
• Player cards are introduced in THE FINALS, these will be generated from your character customisation and your chosen intro animation.
• Added THE FINALS spinner to previously black screens when loading
• Added new item gadget tutorial videos
• Improved camera placement and framing for charms
• Fixed so that your squad is centered in the tournament lineup intros and outros
• Improved respawn timer feedback on teammate icons
• Improved feedback on the “Press Start” respawn mechanic
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