Summer Health Tips: Avoiding Burns, Bites and Overheating – Valley Health

Summer is almost here—along with the sun, heat, and mosquitoes that come with it. Although it’s impossible to avoid summer’s unpleasant side effects, enjoying the outdoors in a safe and healthy way can still make for a fun time filled with great memories.
“Plan outdoor exercise and activities for cooler times of the day like early morning or late evening,” says Heather Knight, LPN, practice manager for Valley Health Page Memorial Family Medicine in both Shenandoah and Stanley. “Take several breaks from the heat, especially midday when the sun is the hottest.”
Need more tips? Here are some additional ways to stay healthy and safe this summer, according to Knight.
What are some ways to avoid getting overheated?
How do I avoid getting sunburned?
And what about those pesky mosquitoes?
“Something I recently learned is mosquitos have a difficult time flying in any breeze above 1 mph, so picking a breezy spot outside may help, or staying near a plug-in fan,” Knight says. “I was also informed mosquitos tend to fly very close to the ground to avoid the wind, so directing the fan’s force downward will block their approach.”

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