I Was Today Years Old When I Found Out About The Gigantic 4-Pound Can of Spam – Foodbeast

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For Spam lovers like myself, we all know it comes in many delectable flavors. Whether it’s the Maple-flavored Spam, the Teriyaki flavor, or even the one blessed with Tocino seasoning, we can rely on Hormel to provide a variety of Spam options.
But oh, how my world shook when I found out about a can of Spam that was 1.81 kg (nearly 4 pounds)! Think of just how many Asian families this can could feed! Trust, you won’t crave musubi for months with this behemoth readily available in your kitchen.
In the video above from Filipino food content creator, Ninong Ry, we’re treated to an enticing visual of the monolithic can of Spam being cooked for the perfect breakfast meal.

A quick Google search revealed that the 1.81 kg Spam can — it’s like the tall boy of Spam cans — is a Spam product from the United Kingdom by the food company Danish Crown.
Sadly, securing this family-sized can of Spam in the U.S. isn’t possible, so American fans will have to rely on eBay or other international grocery sites to grab one for themselves.
Any friends overseas want to be the plug for this?
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