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Top universities offer students best options to chart their education journey

And so the first day of GN Edufair comes to an end. An amazing turnout of visitors, students and parents made it a day to remember for all participants as well as visitors.
An exciting range of seminars and discussions await visitors on Day 2. We will see you tomorrow.

Piyush Saxena, Business Development Mangager, Y-Axis speaking on the topic Study in New Zealand, emphasises that the nation is emerging as a destination of choice for students. “Over the past four years, the firm has seen a 40 per cent increase in students opting to go to New Zealand for higher studies. Well-ranked universities, comparatively lower cost of living, and opportunities to stay back and work are factors that are attracting students to the country,” he says.

In the final session on Day 1 at Edufair, educationists from BITS Pilani Dubai, University of Bolton, Academic Centre RAK, and ATP STEM elaborate on programmes that prepare students for careers in the digital age. Session starts at 5pm

The 2nd session, moderated by Varun Jain, CEO, UniHawk deals with the topic, The Future of Work: Job Market Trends and Emerging Career Opportunities. Mehrdad Mohasses, Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Amity University Dubai, says, “You may have a dream job in mind, but you might not end up there, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Your interests, knowledge, and spirit evolve over time, and you eventually find what you’re meant to do.” Dr Sudhindra Shamanna, Academic President, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai, says, “In our classrooms, we’re shifting from traditional lectures to facilitating learning. We’re not just teaching facts; we’re teaching students how to learn and continuously seek new knowledge.” Amanda Fernandes, Manager – Careers and Employability Services, Middlesex University, believes, “For students who realise they want to change paths, we offer guidance on how to present themselves and leverage their skills in new ways. We also provide access to networks where they can find opportunities. Rejection is part of the job search process, and we encourage students to see it as a normal part of finding the right fit.”

Session by premier immigration consultants and Edufair Platinum Sponsor, Y-Axis to explore critical aspects on embarking on your higher education journey to New Zealand. Session starts at 4pm.

Varun Jain, CEO Unihawk elaborates on the topic Finding the Right Higher Education Fit for Your Family. “Choosing a university and a programme depends on a number of important factors. These include the course content, the location and geography of the university, tuition fees, scholarships and opportunities for permanent residency and immigration,” says Jain. He also considers finance and passion for a course option as key. “Understanding the financial implications, including potential earnings after graduation is important, as is personal passion, and how it aligns with the chosen programme.”

“Events like Edufair provide a platform for students to compare various institutions, keeping in mind factors like tuition fees, location of the university and available courses. Such fairs undoubtedly benefit students by offering numerous options in one place,” says Rajani Jaswal, Teacher and well-being coordinator, Springdales School Dubai

“I am planning to study computer engineering in the UAE. I managed to speak to several universities offering courses in IT and computer science. I have found out all the key details for admissions, tuition fees and campus lives. I now have a good idea on how I have to proceed with admissions in UAE universities,” says Aditya Sujith, Grade 12 student, DPS Sharjah.

The Consul-General of India to Dubai, Satish Kumar Sivan said initiatives such as GNEdufair perfectly align with the growing India-UAE relations over the past decade. 
“In the past decade, several prestigious Indian institutions have chosen the UAE as their international destination, benefiting not only the expat Indian community but also the wider community in the Gulf, Middle East, and Africa,” he said. “I must highlight that IIT Delhi has opened a campus in Abu Dhabi and it’s starting its first academic year this September. The CBSE announced the opening of its first international office in Dubai, which will support over 100 CBSE-affiliated schools in the UAE and more than 200 in the Gulf. This is a great move as it’s CBSE’s first international base, bringing the board closer to schools, students, and parents.
“Symbiosis has opened a new university and we expect more top-tier Indian institutions to follow, adding value to the UAE’s higher education system.”

Yaqoob Al Ali, Executive Director and Private advisor in the office of Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, said, “I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Gulf News for orchestrating this remarkable event in Dubai. With a multitude of colleges to explore, I extend my best wishes to all students as they navigate through their program choices.”

Dr Sulaiman Al Jassim, Former Vice President of Zayed University, said exhibitions like Edufair add significant value as the UAE becomes a hub for higher education during the inauguration of the 2024 edition. “Edufair showcases the quality of education available to students and parents,” he explained. “With so many higher education institutions in the UAE, families benefit from having their children study close to home, with excellent infrastructure and job opportunities available after graduation. The participation of leading international universities further enhances the value of Edufair. I am proud that the UAE now has such events, inviting educators to engage with students. These fairs provide detailed information on courses and employment prospects, benefiting the community.”

Delivering his keynote address, Dr Mohammed Saeed Al Kindi, former UAE Minister of Environment & Water, emphasised on the importance of strengthening higher education institutions in the country.
“By pursuing higher education in the UAE, students can gain access to a wealth of career opportunities in the region. Many of the top industries in the UAE include finance, healthcare, technology, and tourism, all of which require skilled professionals with a higher level of education. As the UAE is known for its growing commercial hub, multi-cultural atmosphere, safety factors, career opportunities and excellent infrastructure, it’s a strategic location and vibrant environment which make an interesting and popular higher study destination for international students.”

Chief guests including Dr. Mohammed Saeed Al Kindi, former UAE Minister of Environment and Water, Dr Eesa Mohammed Al Bastaki, president, University of Dubai, Dr Sulaiman Al Jassim, former Vice President of Zayed University, Yaqoob Al Ali, Executive Director and Private Advisor of the office of Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum, and Satish Kumar Sivan, Consul-General of India inaugurated the event, along with Meher Murshed, Executive Editor, Gulf News, David George, Publisher, Gulf News Commercial Publishing, and Tina Bhakthavalsalan, Sales Manager, Supplements, Contract Publishing & Events, Gulf News. The Chief guests are currently touring the exhibition, engaging with exhibitors and exploring the diverse educational offerings on display.
From the GN Commercial Publishing Team: Chiranti Sengupta, Krita Coelho, Priya Mathew, Haseeb Akhlaq, Sankar Sri Pillai
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