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Here are the top-quality, affordable pairs you won’t be scared to lose.
How many times have you opened your gym bag after a long day at work to find a crucial thing missing: your headphones. After rifling through all one-square-foot of your bag for, I dunno, a solid fifteen minutes—and emerging empty-handed—you check your coat (nope), your car (nope), your office (definitely not)… Poof. There it went, another $200, down the drain. By then you can only follow Jack Handey’s advice for what to do after dropping your keys into a river of molten lava: “let em go, because man, they’re gone.”
We’ve all been there. If you’re a busy guy who commutes and works out, you’re all but guaranteed to burn through several pairs of over-priced headphones in any calendar year. So check out these 20 pairs right here. They’re inexpensive enough you won’t mind losing them, yet each and every pair has something excellent to offer—including great sound and welcome comfort. And if you are indeed a commuter, don’t miss these best new luxury bikes for spring. 

$20; buy now on Amazon.
These babies make use of magnets to amplify the whole spectrum of sound—from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. Plus, they’re angled in a way that nestles wonderfully in the ear; there’s no chance of them falling out.

From $7; buy now on Amazon.
These are so inexpensive, you can keep one in every bag, every pair of pants, every coat pocket without batting an eye. Typically, headphones this cheap would sound, well, cheap. But the ErgoFit actually packs an aural punch.

$20; buy now on Amazon.
If you’re looking to add some color to your life but aren’t ready to give up those grey flannel suits, headphones—easily removable and certainly not style-defining—are the perfect solution. The Ailihen I35 comes in many vibrant shades, from this mint green–and-lavender combo to a more subdued black-and-orange one.

$30; buy now on Amazon.
It’s tough to find a Bluetooth headset that doesn’t look like you’ve time-traveled from a 1980s version of the future. So, if you find a pair, like Hierarcool’s Q1, you snatch them up.

$20; buy now on Amazon.
Usually, over-ear headphones are monstrous and bulky, difficult to pack and constantly in the way. The Kanen I39 mitigates some of those problems by offering foldable earpieces, cutting the headphones’ size in half when you’re not using them.

$20; buy now on Amazon.
You love the wood paneling in your kitchen. Logic dictates that you’ll love the wood paneling on your headphones, too.

$21; buy now on Amazon.
They sound fine, they’re affordable, and they offer all the accoutrements—a mic, volume control, multi-device compatibility—everything else on the market does. Nothing special. But the NUBWO N8 headphones are simply too sleek for their own damn good.

$14; buy now on Amazon.
If you love deep, bass-driven tunes—and also want to drown out the surrounding world—the I65 is for you.

$9; buy now on Amazon.
Since you’re going to buy one pair, you might as well get two out of it. Tiehnom’s headphones are perfectly competent—and exceptionally affordable.

$21; buy now on Amazon.
As tough as it to find visually tolerable Bluetooth earbuds, it’s even more tough to find an over-ear pair. Beyution’s take is more than tolerable—they boast more style than most corded pairs.

$22; buy now on Amazon.
Before there were Airpods—which come in at a whopping $160—there were invisible earbuds. Simenmax makes the most affordable version—without sacrificing a decibel of quality. (Electricity not included.)

$30; buy now on Amazon.
It’s a pair of studio headphones for 30 bucks. Need we say more?

$15; buy now on Amazon.
You don’t go to Amazon to buy Amazon’s stuff. You go to Amazon to buy other company’s stuff. Still, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with their in-house earbuds—and sometimes in life, that’s the most you can ask for.

$15; buy now at Amazon.
Headphone cables tend to do an annoying thing: break. Especially if you have pets in the house. (What a coincidence.) Simptech hasn’t solved the problem entirely, but they’ve mitigated it some. This pair from them features tensile-twisted cording for headphone that will survive far longer. Still, keep out of reach of puppies.

$20; buy now at Amazon.
Well, these are just silly. But hey, some people like the neckband. These offer 13 hours of music play before you need to recharge—and the battery can also go an astonishing 18 days in standby.

$17; buy now at Amazon.
Remember when we mentioned that wireless earbuds can look silly? This is what we were talking about. However, Fleeken’s pair is entirely sweat-proof—perfect for any workout. And remember, it doesn’t matter what you look like while you’re exercising. It matters what you look like after your hard work pays off.

$25; buy now at Amazon.
Just the name of these things implies kickass sounds. VAVA MOOV—all caps, just like the rockin’ tunes that will be screaming your way. To that, we can say only one thing: va va voom.

$16; buy now at Amazon.
Has a sexier pair of headphones—at any price point—ever existed before? Have those headphones been able to suppress up to 26 decibels of outside sound? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

$30; buy now at Amazon.
Sometimes you don’t want anything too snazzy; a classic, versatile pair of headphones will do the trick. Saimly’s signature pair gets the job done with understated style, and can handle every tune—from dulcet jazz to heart-stopping electronic—with aplomb.

$20; buy now at Amazon.
You’re treating yourself. Get something for your kid while you’re at it. And if your kid’s a little on the weird side, well, be a good dad and indulge them with a pair of these. However, consider yourself warned—if they want a earbuds like this, there’s a good chance they’ll want to grow up to be a writer.
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