Saudi Arabia launches innovative metaverse platform – Gulf News

The platform is designed to showcase a wealth of cultural attractions
Dubai: The Saudi Ministry of Culture has unveiled the world’s first national “metaverse” platform, powered by the cutting-edge Generative Media Intelligence (GMI) artificial intelligence system, the authority announced.
The innovative platform merges cultural richness with digital innovation, creating a dynamic digital realm where users can engage in a wide range of activities and attractions that mirror real-life experiences, such as the Founding Day celebrations.
The platform is designed to showcase a wealth of cultural attractions, including the History March, and sectors dedicated to music, art, history, culinary arts, and crafts. It also features mini-video games and a Performance Center that broadcasts live events, including the Foundation’s Day Beginning Symphony concert, directly on the Ministry’s metaverse platform.
Crafted to be a comprehensive, web-based experience, the Ministry of Culture’s metaverse platform is accessible through Mobile XR, making it available on a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, VR headsets, desktops, and other digital devices.
This inclusivity ensures that a broad audience, regardless of their location or the technology they own, can access the metaverse, embodying the Ministry of Culture’s dedication to inclusivity.
The initiative opens up new avenues for millions of Saudis and international audiences to explore and engage with Saudi culture in the metaverse, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of cultural engagement. It represents a substantial step forward in the future of cultural expression and participation.
The metaverse initiative is bolstered by a partnership with droppGroup and droppPhygital, utilizing Hyperledger Fabric 2.5 blockchain technology, under the banner of the Saudi Heritage metaverse platform. 
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