Podcast: Experts in Health: Disgust – why our bodies are designed to be repulsed – Newswise

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Newswise — Dr Elisa Becker, Researcher in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, discusses the role of disgust in protecting our health through the behavioural immune system, our relationship with eating meat and whether food packaging on animal products should go down the same path as cigarettes.
Time Stamps:
00:00 – 02:56 – Introduction to guest, the topic and background
04:43 – 08:30 – What is the behavioural immune system?
08:31 – 14:01 – How does the behavioural immune system interact with food?
14:02 – 20:42 – Distaste or Disgust: What is the difference?
20:43 – 28:26 – Is disgust something you are born with, or do you learn it?
28:27 – 34:10 – Why is eating less meat becoming more popular?
34:11 – 36:36 – Should we be reducing our meat intake?
38:51 – 41:45 – Should meat be packaged to deter people from eating it?
41:46 – 44:18 – Outro

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