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I’m a man on a Mobile Gaming Quest (MGQ) to play a new mobile game every day, documenting my first impressions here and on YouTube. Below is the latest episode. Here’s a quick overview of all games I’ve covered so far.
MA Brutality is a single- and multi-player turn based strategy fighting game mixed with a deck-building card game, where each card focuses on a different part of the body (bones, joints, an organ).
The game has been made by the Beat Hazard developers Cold Beam Games, and both gameplay, which is divided into an attack turn and a defense turn, and art style is very unique.
Apart from a mild annoyance of having to wait in-between campaign levels, I also sadly found the monetization a bit pay2win, as you can pay to re-do your attack or defense if you didn’t do as well as you wished. 
My thoughts on Martial Arts Brutality:

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