Too much gadget use harmful to kids, expert warns – GMA News Online

Letting children use gadgets excessively could give them call “screen dependency,” experts from the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) warned.
“They may have problems managing their stress and regulating their mood in the long run,” Pascual told GMA News.
“Ang bata, puwede siya magkaroon ng irritability, depression, puwede siyang magkaroon ng excessive tantrums, or mood swings. Maaari din magka-low frustration tolerance, oppositional defiant behavior, social immaturity… some may have learning problems and difficulties,” he added.
The NCMH has yet to determine whether screen dependency could be considered a mental health condition or a possible symptom of another mental disorder such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism or bipolar disorder.
A father interviewed in the report said he constantly gets into fights with his six-year-old over gadget usage.
“Minsan nagagalit na ko. Minsan mapapalo ko na siya, nag-aaway kami (dahil) diyan sa cellphone,” the father said.
According to Pascual, parents should limit the time they give their children to use gadgets, given that these are also essential for communication and schoolwork.
Parents were also advised to engage their children in alternative activities such as drawing, reading, going to play areas or interacting with other children, which could also develop their social skills. —Margaret Claire Layug/JST, GMA News


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