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Consumers prefer to shop in-store for apparel and footwear instead of online, revealed a recent survey. The same survey also revealed that 77% of online shoppers return clothing because of poor fit, which is 68% for footwear. However, if you can solve fit and quality problem effectively, your chance of having more customers should increase.
eCommerce is a growing phenomenon in Dhaka. The sector has seen tremendous growth, at least in the numbers of eCommerce companies and online shops, in recent years. Despite the growth, the sector largely operates in a state of inadequacy. There is almost no authentic data about how biggest players like AjkerDeal, Bagdoom or Chaldal is doing, online buying behavior, the state of digital payment and so on.
Moreover, clothing and shoes are two key items these companies are selling online despite the fact that buyers don’t prefer to buy these items online. There are a few very solid reasons behind this buying behavior.
Poor fit
65% of consumers return clothing and 57% return footwear because of poor fit, said a survey conducted by Body Labs. The fit is an important factor when it comes to shopping apparel. And it is hard to understand fit when you are buying something online.
This is one of the key reasons why people feel discouraged to purchase apparel online. If you can solve this problem, people would shop apparel on your platform.
Poor quality
Since there is almost no big eCommerce brand, people often don’t feel confident when it comes to shopping online. There are even examples of online shops that are selling products that are not of good quality. Hence, many buyers feel cheated.
It is hard to judge quality online. Lack of the presence of strong brand makes things even difficult. There is a general lack of trust in eCommerce among customers due to certain bad examples of fraudulence.
Style problem
Getting into details is almost impossible to online shopping. As a result, when it is no big deal to understand style in in-store shopping, it is very hard to fully understand style in digital shopping. Many consumers shy away from online shopping for this reason.
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