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The Outside hallways are stacked with boxes, and our offices are overflowing with gear. But even we can't get our hands on every product. To fill the gaps, we often ask experts about the gear they're using. Other times, we read online reviews. 
This week, we wanted to expand on our annual headphone test, so we went to Amazon's bestseller list, scanned for the highest-rated headphones, then pulled our favorite reviews, which are listed below. Note: some reviews have been edited for length and clarity.
“I agonized over this purchase for six months, looking at reviews, watching videos, and reading tech specs. They arrived in one day in a really nice package and I have since worn them on several bike rides and gym visits. I sweat like a whore in church and they stand up to the punishment. They have never fallen out— even when I'm in full Rob Zombie metal thrash mode. I try to make them fall out and they will not. The app also works nicely and I use Runkeeper which gives me my heart rate data in that app. The sound is amazing just like all Bose products.”
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“I've purchased these earbuds six times, over the course of seven years. I don't play nice with my earbuds— they're almost constantly plugged into my phone, even when I'm not using them. I know you're not supposed to wrap your earbuds around your phone, but that's really the only way I store them. Usually, they break at the end of the wire, near the jack. I'm really picky about fit and most earbuds cause too much pressure in my ears and can make me feel nauseated. These earbuds fit comfortably and don't cause any pressure. That's honestly the main reason why I've purchased them year-after-year. I've tried high-end earbuds and none of them fit as comfortably as these.”
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“My wife stole my $300 headphones so I needed to find something new. These headphones hold their own and sound just as good as my $300 pair. They are very comfortable over my ears and are easily adjustable. The battery seems to last long enough for me before I need to recharge. They are not noise-canceling but do block out enough outside sound that I can forget the world around me and enjoy my music.”
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“I can't believe I paid $200 for Beats. These are almost exactly the same except they're [significantly] cheaper. They come with a nice headphone and iPhone combo car charger. Invest in these especially if you travel a lot and don't want to lose your expensive headphones.”
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“The quest for good earbuds that are under $50 is a very hard one to complete. First and foremost these sound great. The highs are sharp, the mids are excellent with some eq tweaking, and the bass is powerful. The mic is very clear also, as good as my phone's factory mic. The construction of the headphones is outstanding. The cord is almost like a bouncy rubber that doesn't snag or get tangled. The connectors are gold plated and very strong. The headphones feel good and I have worn them for six hours straight without pain.”
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