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What a year it’s been! We’ve published many recipes these past 12 months, but these are the ones that have been most popular with readers. This year it’s all about balance: There’s sweet and savory, wholesome and indulgent, classic and cutting-edge.
In addition to looking back on the hits of the past year, Voraciously had the opportunity to mark another big milestone. We recently passed the 10,000 mark in our Recipe Finder. You read that right: 10,000 recipes that have been tested and tasted over the nearly 20 years since we started archiving them online.
To find new and old options alike, be sure to regularly search for ideas on our Recipe Finder. Have a personal favorite? Be sure to share it with us in the form below.
Dumplings are a beloved staple in Eastern European cuisines, and one bite of these Ukrainian pierogi will show you why. Pillows of cheese, potato and onion are enveloped in a light, chewy dough that can either be boiled or fried. Editor Jim Webster’s grandmother always served them with sour cream on the side, and we encourage you to do the same. Get the recipe.
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Having just one cookie might seem unrealistic, but when they’re this rich and satisfying, it might be easier than you think. This take on a classic chocolate chip cookie from “Great British Bake-Off” Champion Edd Kimber is a single serving, so you don’t have to share your luxurious dessert with anyone else (you could, though, if you wanted to). It’s ready in just 30 minutes, so you can get your sweet fix without going to the trouble of baking an entire batch of cookies. Get the recipe.
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“Bright with acidity and full of black pepper’s spiciness, lemon pepper chicken wings deserve a spot in the pantheon of great wing flavors,” writes Aaron Hutcherson. We couldn’t agree more. Lemon pepper seasoning has long been popular in Atlanta and Chicago, but now it’s entering the mainstream, and you can try it for yourself at home. These wings are tangy and zesty and have just the right amount of crispness. Get the recipe.
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This soup from Ellie Krieger is a riff on the chicken soup her grandmother prepared for her growing up. The addition of ginger, garlic and turmeric provide both an anti-inflammatory boost and a big kick of flavor. Filled with chicken, vegetables and chickpeas, it’s a wholesome hug in a bowl. Get the recipe.
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There’s something about a cake in Bundt form that’s automatically elevated. This chocolate Bundt cake from Becky Krystal gets extra flair from its deep, velvety color and decadent glaze. With rich, fudgy flavor, it might just be one of the chocolatiest chocolate cakes out there. Get the recipe.
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The next time you’re craving a crispy, crunchy snack, consider a handful of roasted chickpeas. This recipe from Joe Yonan is easy to customize: Use canned or dried beans, season any way you want and snack on them plain, or sprinkle them atop any dish you please. They are an excellent alternative to croutons, too. Get the recipe.
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This recipe will convince any skeptics of this regional dish that it’s a delicacy. Brought to Cincinnati by Macedonian immigrants, the chili is laced with Mediterranean spices and chocolate, building flavors that are deep and complex. This chili can be served in a multitude of ways: “atop spaghetti (2-way), sprinkled with cheddar cheese (3-way), diced onions (4-way) and red kidney beans (5-way).” This version, adapted from “Joy of Cooking,” offers optional additions of hot sauce and oyster crackers for even more flavor and textural interest. Get the recipe.
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When Joe Yonan asked Stephanie and Mike Le, the duo behind the book “That Noodle Life,” just what it is about noodles that makes them so delicious, they immediately had an answer: “There’s something about the physicality of eating noodles that’s really appealing.” If you are also a noodle fan (aren’t we all?), you’ll love this spicy, savory meal. The recipe is forgiving, so you can swap Chinese noodles, black vinegar and Chinese sesame paste for pasta, balsamic vinegar and tahini, and still have a lovely dinner either way. Get the recipe.
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Out of the classic Roman pastas, carbonara is maybe the most famous. The dish features strands of spaghetti coated in a creamy egg and cheese emulsion with crispy bits of pork, such as guanciale, pancetta or even bacon — Becky Krystal loves the breakfast-for-dinner vibe of it all. It can be a hard recipe to nail the first time, so she has an abundance of helpful tips to help you devour a bowl in no time. Get the recipe.
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No-cook is always good in our book. This dessert from Ellie Krieger is heavy on refreshing tropical flavors, featuring mango and coconut as the stars of the show. All you need is six ingredients, a blender and a few hours of chilling time before you can dig into these gorgeous, individually served sweet treats. Get the recipe.
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