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A new YouGov survey has revealed the varying degrees of how technology used in classrooms
Dubai: Schools in the UAE have adapted technology into their curriculum for several years now, but a new study has revealed that 52 per cent of schools have fully integrated them in classrooms.
However, only 28 per cent of schools have built technology into the curriculum so far.
A study released by Microsoft on Monday revealed that 80 per cent of educators said they believe their school leaders have a clear vision of how to use technology for the enhancement of the classroom experience.
An overwhelming majority, at 99 per cent, reported that technology was used in their institution, albeit to varying degrees:
The survey, which was carried out by YouGov, interviewed 100 UAE-based educators and found out the challenges and opportunities in adopting technology in classrooms.
Ahmad Ameen Ashour, Education Director, Microsoft Gulf, said: “The poll results clearly show that educators in the region are recognising not only the need for STEM [science, technology, engineering and maths] skills, but the value of technology itself in taking learning experiences of all types to the next level.” 
Students who did not have access to ICTs expressed their concerns over how they are most likely to get affected, with 48 per cent saying that it would be difficult to adapt to their future workplace with low digital literacy, and 32 per cent said a lack of technology skills would limit the career options of a school- or college-leaver.
It is perhaps as a result of this realisation that 78 per cent of UAE academic centres have built ICTs into their curricula and into the very processes by which students learn.
The survey also found that 38 per cent of educators do not have the training to integrate technology into the way they teach, while 48 per cent of educators blamed a lack of access to available technology as the reasons for not using ICTs in classrooms.
A further 42 per cent of educators said they lack the time to learn how to integrate technology into teaching.  
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