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To upgrade your phone, select a new device from our extensive range.
Choose one of our Upfront mobile plans and proceed to the checkout.
Sign in with your Telstra ID and choose the mobile/service you want to upgrade. You’ll need to confirm your ID, employment, and income details.
If you have a device on an existing repayment option and wish to upgrade your phone and add a new repayment option, Message Us and one of our agents will assist you.
Upgrade to the latest tech, swap a damaged device or replace your screen. If you already have Upgrade & Protect learn how to redeem.
Reward yourself sooner with Points + Pay. Use Points + Pay to combine your Telstra Plus points with an acceptable payment method (eg: a credit card). 
Compare iPhone models, Compare Samsung models or Compare Google models.
If you want to upgrade your mobile plan, it’s quick and easy using the My Telstra app. Sign in, choose the service you want to upgrade and follow the steps.
Find a mobile plan that suits your needs in a few steps.
If you have a month-to-month mobile or data plan, there’s no fee to change your plan. However, if you choose a larger plan, you’ll be charged the higher cost per month for that plan until you cancel or change your plan again.
If you’re on one of our older contracted plans, there may be a cost to change plans if you’re still in contract. You can check your plan end date, and any charges that may apply to change your plan, in My Telstra.
Sign in to My Telstra, select the mobile number associated with the plan that you want to change, and follow the prompts to view your plan details.
Sign in to My Telstra
You can check when your current plan ends in the My Telstra app. Sign in to My Telstra, select the mobile number associated with the plan that you want to check, and follow the prompts to view your plan details.
Sign in to My Telstra
If you’re on an Upfront Mobile plan, you can upgrade your phone and stay on your current plan. If you want to change your plan, you can do so via My Telstra.
If you’re on a plan other than an Upfront Mobile plan, to upgrade your phone you’ll also need to take up a new Upfront Mobile plan. When buying your new phone, you may be prompted to sign in to My Telstra to select your new plan. Your current plan will be cancelled once you take up your new phone and plan.
If your current device payment contract has expired, and you’ve paid for your phone in full, there’s no fee to upgrade to a new phone (other than the cost of your new phone and plan). But if your current phone is still in contract, you’ll be charged for the remaining cost of your phone if you want to upgrade to a new phone on your existing mobile service.
You can check your device payment contract end date, and any charges that may apply to upgrade your phone, in the My Telstra app. Sign in to My Telstra, select the mobile number of the phone that you want to upgrade, and follow the prompts to view your plan details.
Sign in to My Telstra
If you’ve used up your included data on your month-to-month plan, you can access more data by changing to a larger plan. You can change your plan size once a month, via My Telstra.
Sign in to My Telstra
Even though we may already have your details, we’re legally obliged to ensure that your ID, employment and income details are up-to-date when you upgrade to a new phone on a repayment arrangement.
This helps us to keep your account safe and prevent any fraudulent activity, as well as enabling us to perform a credit assessment to help to ensure that you’re able to afford your new phone.
When you pay will vary based on whether you are upgrading or downgrading your Upfront plan.
Upgrading your plan
You can enjoy the benefits of your new plan straight away, but you won’t pay any additional cost for the upgrade until your next payment date, which covers the following month in advance.
Downgrading your plan
As you have already paid for the current month in advance, your plan downgrade will take effect from your next payment date.
CPI, or Consumer Price Index, is the best-known indicator of inflation. Inflation is an increase in the prices of the goods and services that households buy.  
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the percentage change in the price of goods and services. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) release CPI changes each quarter. For more info on CPI visit the ABS website.
Telstra will use the CPI rate released by Australian Bureau of Statistics for the 12 months to the March quarter. Any increase will be rounded to the nearest dollar and will occur from our July billing cycle. We will let our customers know before any changes take effect.​
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More information about mobile phones can be found in our Support section.
Questions about mobiles? Get in touch and we’ll help you as soon as we can.
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