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Mobile phones nowadays have become an absolutely vital part of our everyday lives. These gadgets are now becoming smarter and powerful with the technological advancements now and then thus making them highly demanded amongst the people of all ages and different professions. In the past, phones were only used for making and receiving calls. But today, you’ll notice that you can do almost anything with a smartphone. 
On Gadgets Now, you can go through a wide range of latest smartphones and feature phones from renowned brands along with their features, specifications, prices, images, and user ratings. Applauded for their impressive designs and adequate specifications, we have Apple phones, Samsung mobiles, Xiaomi mobiles, OnePlus mobiles, Oppo mobiles, Vivo mobiles, Realme mobiles, Lava mobiles, Nokia mobiles and many more available under different price segments.
Nowadays, mobiles have a plethora of features that include fascinating photo filters, AI-powered cameras, fast charging support, powerful processor, and more. With numerous mobile options available, you can select the apt ones for you by applying different filters available with us such as price, RAM, internal memory, screen size, operating system, and various others.
Mobile phones are now available at various price points, be it the entry-level segment, mid-range segment or the premium segment. So, if you are looking for the most recent phones that are currently available in India, Gadgets Now is the best place to be.
While smartphones are now the most popular ones considered for buying, still some people prefer the old-fashioned charm of a feature phone. The feature phones that come with physical buttons and limited features are the first choice of people who want a simple mobile for staying in touch. Even today, Nokia is amongst the major players in the manufacturing of feature phones.
Here you can find the updated list of the latest smartphones and feature phones available in India along with their prices, specifications, images, critic review, and user review.
Speaking about the latest mobile phones, Apple will unveil the iPhone 15 series on September 12 at the ‘Wonderlust’ event to be held at Apple Park in Cupertino. The rumored iPhone 15 series is expected to feature iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max
Before buying a smartphone online, it is very crucial to go through its specifications and features, and check whether it meets your requirements or not. There’s RAM, display, processor, camera quality, battery, connectivity options, and more that you consider while purchasing a phone. Below mentioned are the same in detail:
RAM for speed and multi-tasking: It is amongst the crucial factors that you should consider as it occupies the OS, apps, and data that are being used on the phone. It is suggested that phones with 4GB RAM are considered good for calling, basic web browsing and social media usage while the mobiles with 8GB RAM and above are suitable for gaming, watching intense graphics videos, e-reading, and more. 
Immersive display for brilliant picture quality: Available with us are mobiles in different screen sizes and resolutions from various brands. We have phones with screen size below 3 inches that goes up till 6 inches and above. The 5.5 inch screen size of a phone is suggested to be apt for normal usage. Moreover, phones with larger displays can be preferred if you like watching movies, TV shows or playing games on them. 
Impressive designs and easy to handle: People prefer buying phones that are not bulky at all. The phone should be sleek yet offering a slip-free grip. You can explore phones in different dimensions and build material – glass, plastic, and metal. Apart from this, nowadays mobiles come with water and dust resistance ratings. 
High resolution camera sensors: It is one main factor that plays a vital role in buying decisions. As the months are passing, the camera quality of the phones is getting better and better. Various camera functions like ISO levels, aperture, number of pixels, lenses & zoom, speed of autofocus, and more should be considered as these are the main reasons behind amazing photos and videos. Today, you can find phones with 200MP primary sensors.
Powerful processor for lightning performance: The number of processor cores and their clock speeds can affect the speed of the mobile phone. You can enjoy a faster and glitch-free performance on a mobile if it is equipped with an efficient and powerful processor. There will be zero interruptions while browsing the web, playing games, or accessing multiple apps.
Lightweight battery with high energy capacity: All of us want the battery of phones to last longer and not die in the middle of a call, an online class, an ongoing meeting, watching a movie, or doing something else. And, for this reason, it is important to check the battery capacity (in mAh), hours of video and audio playback claimed by the brand, fast charging and wireless charging availability. On Gadgets Now, you can check out phones with up to 6000 mAh battery capacity.
Connectivity options for easy sharing: Factors like SIM slots, Bluetooth, WiFi, connectivity support (5G, 4G, 3G), GPS, Infrared, Radio, USB, and more need to be considered when choosing a mobile for purchase. 
Our website offers an amazing user experience as you can easily decide – ‘What phone to buy’ and ‘From where to buy’. And this is possible because of the following reasons:
Critic Review and User Rating: Mobile listed on our website have a critic review and user ratings, which is based on our editors’ extensive research and users’ reviews. You can sort this by applying the rating filter and check out the list of phones that have a score and ratings. 
Find and Compare: You can simply find the mobile of your choice by searching it in the ‘Finder section’ and further check out its specifications, price details, images, reviews and ratings. Additionally, the compare mobile section enables you to compare up to 4 mobiles at one time on the basis of their specifications thus making your buying decision an easier one. 
Prices and Deals: We have listed the latest prices and deals from some of the leading online stores for mobiles available with us. 
We have a broad spectrum of feature phones, iOS phones and Android mobiles available with us from Nokia, OnePlus, Apple, Lava, Oppo, Samsung, Redmi, and various other brands. All these phones are available under different price segments that you can choose from keeping in mind your budget.
Listed below are the price segments:
You can search for the latest feature phones and smartphones on Gadgets Now under different ranges. All these phones comprise adequate specifications and impressive designs. The compare mobile page on our website lets you compare the mobiles of your choice on the basis of different factors such as RAM, screen size, camera, battery, and more. The tabular presentation of the comparison gives you a better understanding of the product and helps you make a better purchase.
In addition to this, you can grab some amazing deals and offers on mobiles during special sales and festivals like Diwali, Black Friday, Republic Day, and more. 
How do I choose a mobile phone?
There are various important factors that need to be considered while buying a mobile online. These factors include brand, mobile price, camera quality, design, display size, RAM and storage, processor, operating system, battery life, and user reviews & ratings.
Which is more important RAM or processor on mobile?
A cell phone with high RAM will give you a better capability to run numerous apps at one time. While higher processor speed gives you faster and interrupted results. Thus, one cannot determine what is important, processor, or RAM. Both are equally important.
What affects the performance of mobile?
The performance and speed of a phone depends on the number of processor cores and the higher clock speed of the processor cores.
What display options do you get on smartphones?
Different display options that feature on smartphones include IPS-LCD, LCD, AMOLED, OLED, and Super AMOLED.
What are the popular feature phone brands available in India?
You can buy feature phones from various popular brands such as Nokia, Lava, Samsung, Karbonn, Micromax, itel, Motorola, I Kall, and more.
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