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As society’s reliance on digital tools continues to grow, an expert sounds the alarm about the potential physical and situational disorders, changes and symptoms that can arise from excessive use of these technologies.
Deniz Yengin, a professor from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, contends that connecting to social networks has shifted from being a mere choice to a necessity for humanity, leading to a surge in digital health problems.
With a staggering 6 billion internet users, 5 billion smartphone owners and 4.5 billion social network users worldwide, the impact of excessive digital consumption is undeniable, he argued.
Yengin suggests that using the internet for four to 10 hours a day may lead to addiction, and if this daily usage surpasses 16 to 17 hours, individuals become deeply enmeshed in their digital world, a phenomenon referred to as “nomophobia” – the fear of being without one’s phone.
To illustrate the prevalence of these digital health issues, Yengin pointed to “WhatsAppitis,” a condition characterized by excessive use of the popular messaging app, as a contemporary example of the problem.
One group particularly susceptible to digital diseases is students grappling with screen addiction, according to Yengin. The expert welcomed the recent decision by the Education Ministry to ban mobile phone use in schools, emphasizing that it’s essential for families to support beneficial digital usage outside of the schools.
Yengin emphasized the importance of parents monitoring their children’s online behavior and ensuring they prioritize their digital privacy.
Moreover, he urged families to curtail the practice of “shareparenting,” where parents constantly share details about their children on social media. Instead, Yengin advocated for more face-to-face communication and alternative activities to help children disengage from the digital world when needed.
The expert warned that screen and game addiction is unlikely to abate and will likely evolve as technology advances. “We were discussing television addiction 30 years ago. A decade later, we’ll undoubtedly encounter new manifestations of digital technology,” he remarked.
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