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According to a study, most people these days spend a minimum of 10-12 minutes of their time at the restaurants and cafes in clicking pictures of the food. And this duration increases when the plating and aesthetics are a little more unconventional. Behind all this is the appealing plating and serving styles of these high-end restaurants that serve small portions of food and use the plate as a canvas board in weaving a story with flavours. But the question is, why do they do so? Is it just the matter of creativity or something else? Here, we have tried to decode 8 such reasons that make these restaurants serve tiny portions. For instance, to maintain the high-standard and keeping the niche crowd in mind, the luxury restaurants source the ingredients from various places that increases the production cost of the dish and as a result, it also affects the end price of the dish. So, to make the dish affordable, they are served in small portions. Also, while most of the restaurants offer 3 or 4-course meals, luxury or high-end restaurants start at 3 and take it up to double figures. The small portions help the guests to enjoy the full spectrum of tastes that are on offer. The idea of small portion has a logic of building an image of the dish in the visitor’s mind. According to a study, small portions excite the guests to try the meal and understand the nuances and it also makes the meal more memorable. Read below to know more about the trend.
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