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Out of all the efforts of South Korea to win the hearts of foreigners, the Hallyu wave was the country’s most effective tool. K-dramas and K-pop converted non-SK enthusiasts into diehard admirers, and now people from all over Asia are also into Korean fashion because of the constant exposure to it. Want to know the online Korean stores that ship worldwide? We’ve rounded up the best ones for you. Time to strut Korean outfits like a boss!
Image credit: mixxmix Official Website
The first on the list of online Korean stores is mixxmix, which sells charming and practical Korean clothes, from form-fitting skirts to oversized sweaters. It also has a section called “K-stars Pick,” where customers will see a list of fashion pieces that Korean celebrities have sported. If you want to replicate Korean outfits by your favourite unnies, this website has a wide selection of clothes. Plus, it sells authentic branded pieces in case you want to keep up to date with Korea’s local fashion scene. Check out its website here
Image credit: Unnielooks Official Website
Unnielooks is a Korean fashion online store which sells clothing based on Korean idol-inspired clothing. If you ever were a fan of BLACKPINK Jennie, Jisoo or Lisa, or were a mega fan of BTS and wanted to dress like Taehyung or Jungkook, now you can. Unnielooks updates its collection with new clothing drops every weekend, so check their catalogue for new clothing that your favourite idols are wearing!
They cover both girl and guy groups and have pieces inspired by K-dramas like It’s Okay To Not Be Okay. In addition, they have their own custom clothing line that is outside of the idol category. They ship worldwide and offer free shipping for orders above $60. If you want to shop for Korean clothing, check out its website here.
Image credit: Banharu Official Website
This online Korean store sells minimalist fashion pieces that stick to muted solid colours and stay away from the neon or bright shades that other Korean fashion stores champion. Although Banharu’s style is more toned down than your average Korean clothes, every piece is adaptable, whether you want to flaunt Korean street style or comfortable office fashion. Check out its website here
Image credit: YesStyle Official Website
Looking for a one-stop Korean shop for clothes, accessories, beauty essentials, and more? Put YesStyle on the map. It features Korean clothes for both men and women. Their fashion pieces include staple loose Korean pants, sleek corporate blazers, and comfortable sweaters with flowy maxi skirts to match. Customers from all around the world get free international shipping with a minimum spend of US$53. Check out YesStyle’s website here
Image credit: Kooding Official Website
Kooding is another on the list of holistic online Korean stores, because it doesn’t just sell Korean clothes for men and women, but for kids too. This shop features elegant pieces like raglan T-shirts with puffed sleeves, maxi dresses, and a lot of knit clothes. What’s more, Kooding can be your go-to online store for Korean lifestyle items like stationery tools, workout accessories, and pet clothing. It even has a section called “COVID-19 essentials.” Check out its website here
Image credit: Cherryspoon Official Website
Cherryspoon has a range of cute Korean clothes suited for the summer and winter. Most pieces are diversified street fashion. These include sleeveless tops, crop tops, tweed jackets, and spring and fleece cardigans. Everything for sale is very easy to mix and match or layer on top of each other for the winter season. You won’t go wanting when it comes to colour selection either, as Cherryspoon sells pastel, striped, and even checkered Korean clothes. Check out its website here
Image credit: Chuu Official Website
Next on this list of online Korean stores is a fashion shop perfect for millennials and zillennials who love vintage knit vests, crop tops, loose sleeves, and plaid skirts. Despite the seemingly old-school Korean outfits, Chuu’s fashion pieces easily have a youthful vibe about them, especially if you wear sneakers and bucket hats to complete your look. Chuu even features a “Matching Sets” category to give customers an easier shopping experience. Check out its website here
Image credit: StyleNanda Official Website
No list of Korean online stores is complete without StyleNanda, a go-to Korean website for all things beauty and fashion. It doesn’t matter if you like muted or bright colours, vintage or modern wear, and summer or winter Korean outfits. StyleNanda has them all and more. It also gets plus points for having a website that’s categorised to perfection, whether a customer is looking for padded jackets, vests, short-sleeved tops, maxi dresses, or jumpsuits. 
In case you have an affinity for makeup, StyleNanda has an exclusive category for the much loved 3CE Korean makeup brand. The best part is, it offers free shipping on all deliveries in Asia with orders over US$100. Check out its website here
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There’s something about Korean fashion that makes it scene-stealing through cosy and easy-to-wear designs. Though mixing and matching Korean clothes look intimidating at first, we assure you that the actual experience is quite fun and fulfilling. Which of these online Korean stores are you checking out first? Don’t forget to tag us on your photos strutting Korean outfits on our Facebook page and Instagram
Facebook featured image: Chuu and StyleNanda | Official Website
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