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WEDDED to my Dyson, curiosity eventually got the best of me, causing me to give a Shark vacuum cleaner a test run to see how it measured up against the praise I'd been hearing.
The Shark NZ801UK has innovative features such as its clever lift-away and duo clean, making Sunday cleaning sessions a breeze, and because of this, it is well received by customers with its 5-star rating. If you're curious, here's everything you need to know.
You can use the Shark Vacuum NZ801UK as an upright vacuum cleaner or lift away the pod for more portable cleaning and hard-to-reach areas without having to lug the heavy part around.
Plus, there are different attachments, so it's simple to clean stairs, furniture and more.
Perfect for homes with pets, the anti-hair wrap removes hair from the bristle brush roll as you use the vacuum cleaner.
It's super powerful and adapts to the surface you're cleaning with its 'Duo Clean' two-brush-roll design.
Sounds too good to be true? I had to try out this seemingly wondrous vacuum cleaner for myself.
The Shark NZ801UK is an upright and portable vacuum cleaner in one.
It comes with a price tag comparable to a Dyson, but it's brimming with great features such as the anti-hair wrap and powered lift-away pod, so you should be getting high quality along with the higher price.
I love how versatile it is, so you can use it how you like – whether you want to push an upright vacuum cleaner, lift off the lightweight, detachable pod and still use the wand and floorhead, or use the handle with the smaller attachments.
You can decide how to use and which accessories to use according to whether you're cleaning a large floor space, stairs and sofas or even your car.
Plus, the suction is really powerful, and the duo clean tech means it adapts and changes the way it cleans as you move from hard floors to carpets.
The only real negative for me was the accessories not fitting on as smoothly as everything else and an issue with the pipe clip, but overall, it was really easy and intuitive to set up and use, and its cleaning power was top quality.
I was impressed with how stylish the Shark NZ801UK looks and how easy it was to set up.
Each part is individually wrapped in brown paper in the box and identified in the accompanying instructions.
Follow the simple step-by-step instructions with pictures to follow, and each part fits easily together with a satisfying click.
The only pause I had was putting the attachments on the 'accessory posts' as there are three accessories included but only two posts, and they didn't fit on as smoothly as everything else.
It only takes a few minutes to put the vacuum cleaner together.
Getting to grips with all the features takes a little longer, but they are all clearly labelled and explained in the user manual.
After setting it all up, it was time to take my new Shark vacuum cleaner for a spin.
I found it intuitive and easy to use, with clearly labelled buttons for most functions.
The suction was really powerful, and I liked the lights at the front, but I found it a bit heavy to push and tricky to manoeuvre in the upright position. This could be because I'm not used to an upright vacuum cleaner.
When I detached the lift-away pod and used the floorhead with the wand, I felt much more at home and found it super easy and smooth to push and reach under furniture.
The attachments were really useful and can be attached to the handle without the wand for extra powerful suction and flexibility on stairs and sofas.
The lift-away pod was really handy on the stairs as it's compact enough to fit on a step, whereas previously, with my Dyson Big Ball vacuum, I would have to leave it at the bottom of the stairs or carry it with me to reach the higher stairs.
My only negatives are that the attachments didn't fit onto the wand or handle as smoothly as everything else fits together – also, the pipe clip wasn't working, so the pipe wouldn't clip onto the wand when not in use, but this was only a minor issue and didn't impact the cleaning.
The Shark Classic Anti Hair Wrap Upright Vacuum NZ801UK is £349.99 at Shark or £299.99 from John Lewis and Currys, so as you can see, it may be worth having a quick shop around popular retailers to see if you can snag it for a little less.
Plus, Amazon currently has 7% off, so you can get the Shark Classic NZ801UK Vacuum for £280- buy here.
Shark Classic NZ801UK Vacuum is available directly from Shark as well as John Lewis, On Buy and Amazon.
If you're looking for an upright vacuum cleaner with detachable accessories, here's what else is available to buy now.
The price tag of this Shark vacuum cleaner is significant, but it certainly compares to a Dyson in terms of the quality of the cleaning and the number of features included.
The duo clean technology is useful for the majority of homes, and the anti-hair wrap technology would be a game-changer for pet owners.
Its versatility also sets it apart from other upright vacuum cleaners, which would come in at a lower price point but do not include the lift-away pod, wand and included accessories.
I was impressed with how easy it was to set up, use and empty afterwards – and how smart and stylish it looks.
Although I had a couple of little niggles, and it will take a little time to adjust to it, I won't be rushing back to my old Dyson anytime soon.
Parting with upwards of £200 means you can't be blamed for wondering how long your investments are going to last before you could be forced to splash out for another electronic device.

While lifespan is going to change depending on how frequently you use your Hoover, and the average lifespan is around 8 years.
However, should anything go wrong, Shark offer a 5-year warranty to ensure you've got some peace of mind with your purchase.
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