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First launched in September 1982, Live at 5 introduced the news magazine format to Canada. Today, CTV News at 5 is the Maritimes’ most popular news and current affairs program.
The Liberals' pharmacare bill is headed to the Senate after passing third reading in the House of Commons.

Some MPs began 'wittingly assisting' foreign state actors soon after their election, says a report released Monday, including sending confidential information to Indian officials.

Recent data from the U.S. census revealed that more than 126,000 people moved from Canada to the U.S. in 2022. An expert said that one of the main reasons for this move is the cost of living.

One person is dead and 26 were injured after a bus carrying Quebec tourists was involved in a collision in Cuba on Sunday.

For two years doctors told her she was an alcoholic. Then they realized her gut was making alcohol from carbohydrates, a rare condition called auto-brewery syndrome.

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