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Hotel Artemis
A night in LA 2028. People are on the streets revolting against the privatisation of water supplies and only the ones that can afford to pay for it are in favour of getting it. In the middle of the upcoming riots is a skyscraper, the Hotel Artemis. Like every building in town, it looks abandoned from the outside, but on the inside at least on the 12th floor, is crowded by people, to be exact, by criminals.
The Nurse (Jodie Foster) is running this Hotel for criminals of all kind who are willing to pay for a membership. The Artemis operates on code names assigned to the guest depending in which room they are living in during their stay. One night, the Hotel is fully booked by Waikiki (Sterling K. Brown) and his brother Honolulu (Brian Tyree Henry), Nice (Sofia Boutella), Acapulco (Charlie Day), and last-minute guest Niagara (Jeff Goldblum). With the help of Everest (Dave Bautista), Nurse runs a tight ship and every guest has to follow the rules such as no killing other guests during their stay. Easier said than done. After a while, there are three storylines exposed….
Jodie Foster in Hotel Artemis
Nurse’s past and how Niagara fits into it. It is revealed that Niagara had something to do with the death of Nurse’s son and the universe turned everything that way that she ended up working for him, because the Artemis is owned by Niagara.
What is the real reason for Nice’s stay? She is on an assignment and has to kill a guest during her stay, which ends in a complete chaos.
Where will Waikiki end up? What we know is that he found his freedom in the end of the movie.
Sterling K Brown Hotel Artemis
Hotel Artemis is the debut movie from Drew Pearce and it is full of incredible actresses and actors. The 95 minute long movie jumps quickly into its story and goes from an easy, almost nostalgic touch with easy jokes, which then turns into a bloody massacre.
As much as I liked the story, the movie lost me completely in the last 20 minutes. Everything is happening at once and at the same time, you can’t follow everything that is actually happening. What will Nurse now do? Where is Waikiki driving to? Is now Everest the new person in charge of the Artemis?
As mentioned the movie is full of well-known faces. Jodie Foster in the leading role was for sure a win for the movie as she fits into her role perfectly. Dave Bautista standing next to her gave me a quick laugh because she is so tiny and he is so large, especially when they hug in one scene. Those two are carrying the movie on their shoulders.

I was excited to see Jeff Goldblum in the trailer and was quickly disappointing when he had like only a 10 minute screen time. I felt the same for Zachary Quinto who only had like 5 minutes of screen time and not even a great scene.
Sterling K. Brown and Sofia Boutella had next to Foster and Bautista the most screen time and even as the movie begins following Waikiki on his way to the Artemis, his story went from interesting to non-existent. At least Boutella got some badass scenes as well as a fight scene for which I have hoped to see again after seeing her moves in Kingsman.
Sofia Boutella in Hotel Artemis
That all being said, the movie is most definitely worth seeing, but not with high expectations!

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