Insomniac Games' 'Spider-Man 2' To Receive a New Game Plus Mode Later This Year – HYPEBEAST

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Insomniac Games released its Spider-Man 2 over the weekend, the highly-anticipated sequel to 2020’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Set 10 months after the plot of the original title, the game takes a single-player approach, played from a third-person point of view.
Following the rollout of Spider-Man 2 to PlayStation 5, one fan asked Insomniac Games’ director of marketing James Stevenson if mission replay and a new game plus mode come with the first update.
A “day one” was already launched prior to the game’s release, and Insomniac had been encouraging players to download it before starting their gameplay.
Stevenson replied that Insomniac was currently “working on an update for those features,” but that they weren’t included in the first update.

No – we’re working on an update for those features but they won’t be in Day 1
— James Stevenson (@JamesStevenson) October 17, 2023

A bigger update is reportedly planned for later this year and will come with an ultimate” difficulty setting that players can turn on once beating the game, according to Engadget. With that setting, players won’t be able to carry over
any of their acquired skills or items, challenging them to completely start over.
While it’s rumored to be out by the end of 2023, an exact release date for Spider-Man 2’s update or any of its specific features has yet to be confirmed by Insomniac.
In other gaming news, Rockstar Games is reportedly planning a Grand Theft Auto VI single-player DLC.

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