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It was supposed to be a celebration, but one family’s unique meal of black bear meat sent several members to the hospital instead.
More than four million chickens in Iowa will have to be killed after a case of the highly pathogenic bird flu was detected at a large egg farm.
Dermatologists are sounding the alarm about misinformation from the anti-sunscreen movement, saying not wearing sunscreen can cause cancer and other problems.
Conservative MP Todd Doherty says the federal government is offering 'false hope' to Canadians with a national pharmacare bill that will not initially apply to a broad range of medications.

Peak tick season is only just beginning but reports of bites – and tick-borne illnesses – are already higher than normal in Ontario.

A new report says one in eight people who are pregnant in Ontario has a disability, but many face barriers to accessible care, as well as disrespectful attitudes from doctors and other care providers.

It takes a lot of calories to be pregnant — and fewer of the calories are going to the fetus than previously thought, according to a new study.

A rare cancer treatment could potentially extend the life of an Ontario woman. The problem is, the province won’t approve the pricey drug.

The head of the World Health Organization on Monday voiced confidence that countries would one day reach a deal on a pandemic accord after failing to produce an agreement last week, although health officials warned it could take years.

Ottawa paramedics will not be calling on taxis to help transport some non-urgent patients, as the service had initially planned.

You'll have a lot more energy throughout the day if you get a good night's sleep, but not everyone does due to a medical condition.

Last month, the Canadian Medical Association warned that Canada's health-care facilities are among the oldest public infrastructure in use. Half were built more than 50 years ago, making them especially vulnerable to extreme climate events.

After another case of H5N1 avian flu linked to dairy cows was confirmed in a second dairy farmer in the United States, some Canadian experts say the federal government needs to expand surveillance of the virus north of the border.

A sexually transmitted infection (STI) that was once thought to be a thing of the past is now a public health priority for North American doctors.

The number of young people in the U.S. who are prescribed GLP-1 agonist drugs like Wegovy and Ozempic for weight loss and diabetes soared 594.4 per cent in just three years, according to new research.

A rash of violent incidents targeting a Winnipeg grocery store came to a head Friday with a brazen daytime arson attack caught on camera.

A stadium in Toronto’s west end has been officially renamed in honour of former mayor Rob Ford.

A derelict property connected to a Brampton city councillor racked up $12,500 in fines in dozens of penalty notices over several months as city officials warned it was becoming a haven for rats and a homeless encampment, records obtained by CTV News show.

An Ontario court has dismissed a request by MPP Sarah Jama for a judicial review of her censure from the legislature.

A professional kiteboarder from P.E.I. says he has been seriously injured in a shark attack that occurred while he was snorkelling in the Turks and Caicos Islands last week.

The Edmonton Police Emergency Communications Centre takes all kinds of calls for help, but one in January is being called a 'once in a career' type of call.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy received a second US$1 billion promise of military aid in as many days Tuesday during a whirlwind tour of three European Union countries, while President Vladimir Putin warned that hitting Russian soil with Western-supplied weapons could set the war on a dangerous new path.

Israeli shelling and airstrikes killed at least 37 people, most of them sheltering in tents, outside the southern Gaza city of Rafah overnight and on Tuesday.

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he had a “visceral reaction against” the removal of the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

The number of executions recorded worldwide last year jumped to the highest level since 2015, with a sharp rise in Iran and across the Middle East, Amnesty International said in a report released Wednesday.

Colombia's congress voted on Tuesday to ban bullfights in the South American nation, delivering a serious blow to a centuries old tradition that has inspired famous songs and novels but has become increasingly controversial in the countries where it is still practiced.

Donald Trump engaged in a conspiracy 'to hoodwink voters' in 2016, a prosecutor told jurors Tuesday during closing arguments in the former president's hush money trial, while a defence lawyer branded the star witness as the 'greatest liar of all time' and pressed the panel for an across-the-board acquittal.

After Jimmy the baby goat was shunned by his mother, a New Brunswick man took the kid on a two-week road trip across Canada.

Staying cool can be done by using some basic supplies and knowing how to manipulate your home to control its temperatures.

It’s the airplane seat design that launched a thousand memes and kickstarted a media storm. And now the double-level seat is back – only this time, with a twist.

Kia Nurse scored 22 points and Aari McDonald added 21 off the bench as the visiting Los Angeles Sparks exacted some revenge on the Indiana Fever with a 88-82 victory by overcoming a career-high 30 points by Caitlin Clark.

Canada is set to embrace a new chapter in women's soccer with the official unveiling of the new name of the professional league.

It's been a long time coming, but one Oilers superfan is hoping this will be the year he gets to touch up his massive Stanley Cup back tattoo.

The Retail Council of Canada wants to put a stop to widespread theft within the retail industry, and industry leaders are meeting this week to find solutions.

Melinda French Gates says she will be donating US$1 billion over the next two years to individuals and organizations working on behalf of women and families globally, including on reproductive rights in the United States.

It’s the airplane seat design that launched a thousand memes and kickstarted a media storm. And now the double-level seat is back – only this time, with a twist.

Toyota has announced it will offer lean compact engines that also run on so-called green fuels like hydrogen and bioethanol, or get paired with zero-emissions electric motors in hybrids.

A new pothole-riddled street in Hamilton has taken the top spot for the worst road in Ontario, according to a new list released by the Canadian Automotive Association (CAA) on Tuesday.

Canadians feel both 'optimism and concern' over the prospect of flying cars and drones whizzing between remote communities and above city blocks, a new report says.

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