Plantology food truck to leave Gainesville – WUFT

Plantology, a vegan-style restaurant at the Midpoint Park and Eatery, will close Sunday, no longer serving residents plant-based comfort food.

“Plantology will be missed. I’m hoping the food truck space after us provides vegan options,” said Kelsey Malles, shift leader at Plantology.

Plantology had over 200 customers present for the penultimate weekend on May 19. Plantology Owner Ryan Strandjord said it was by far the largest turnout they’ve had since its opening July 2021.

Sundays welcome the largest weekly community gatherings since the Florida Vintage Market convenes in the same space. This area is an open space outdoors with food trucks surrounding the park.

“I’ve been to Plantology about five times. I normally come when I attend the Florida Vintage Market. It’s a great option to get some casual food while being at the market,” said Soie Haberman, a University of Florida student.

There are four food trucks that are stationed year-round at Midpoint Park and Eatery. The food trucks include a variety of options depending on one’s food preferences. The restaurants are Plantology, Scuola Pizza, Nopal Dos and Mr. Cows Corn-Dogs.
Plantology offers plant-based comfort food. Every meal is made from scratch with fresh and organic ingredients. There are a plethora of options that customers can choose from, according to Malles.

“We serve veganized versions of burgers, wraps, sandwiches and mac and cheese,” Malles said.
Malles mentioned that the crispy chicken sandwich tends to be the most popular dish ordered by customers.

Haberman agreed that the crispy chicken sandwich is an all-time favorite.

“My other favorite meal is the loaded vegetable fries,” Haberman said.

Plantology advertises weekly updates on its Instagram. The news about Plantology closing was announced Friday on its Instagram in an effort to give customers an opportunity to dine in one last time.

“We’re closing mainly because I’m moving to Minneapolis to be closer to my family,” Strandjord said.

Plantology is the only original business left at Midpoint since the park opened. “Five businesses have already closed there. It’s been a challenge to stay around as long as we have, but we’ve had a lot of community support,” Strandjord said.
The Plantology employees are keeping their heads high as every week proved memorable for them to serve dedicated customers, according to Malles.

“We are forever grateful for all the people who came by to help support our mission to serve food that is 100% vegan in Gainesville. It’s heartwarming to see people try new things and I hope people will choose compassion to decide on what to put on their plate,” Strandjord said.


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