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EA FC 24 hasn’t had a smooth ride since its release, with gameplay bugs, glitches and exploits leading to a poor experience.
I was among the first to play EA FC 24, and I gave it a glowing review, as it made me excited about the game's potential. But the current state of the game means my review isn't ageing well, and EA isn't doing enough to fix it.
EA FC 24 is the first instalment in the EA Sports FC game series, and with this being the first football game EA Sports has produced since its split with FIFA, the pressure was on to create a good game and cement its position as the go-to football game series for years to come. FIFA 23 left me feeling underwhelmed, and after months of build-up and promises of gameplay improvements, I was hopeful EA Sports was on to a winner.
I got hands-on with EA FC 24 at the game's launch event and was among the first to test the new game, and I felt the gameplay was better than the previous few FIFA titles. But, two months after the game's release, we've already had five major updates, countless gameplay bugs and glitches, Ultimate Team feels more pay to win than ever and most importantly, the game just isn't as enjoyable to play as I first thought it would be. Was I wrong, or is EA to blame?
When I reviewed EA FC 24, it was during the early access period of the game, and with EA FC 24 not available to everyone at the time, the game was yet to get into full swing. Gameplay-wise, I described EA FC 24 as having the "best gameplay in years".
The reasoning for this was down to the HyperMotion V technology, with the gameplay feeling more realistic and true-to-life than ever before. But since the full launch of the game, millions of players have been playing this game and unsurprisingly, gameplay exploits have been found. There's currently only one way to score goals and win games, as it's so effective that everyone does it. This has made the game predictable and certainly not realistic.
If you love sprinting down to the byline and pulling the ball back for a tap-in ten times a match, then maybe EA FC 24 is a really fun game for you. But if you want to try and play football and try to score in any other way, it's just so difficult. Most of the time the midfield is non-existent and you're forced to play out wide – this isn't the ultra-realistic gameplay that HyperMotion V promised.
What makes this all the more frustrating is that EA has made changes to the gameplay in most of the Title Updates, with some overpowered PlayStyles being nerfed in the latest update, EA FC 24 Title Update 5, but these aren't the changes that are sorely needed. The overpowered meta of running down the line and pulling the ball back to a waiting striker has not been changed at all, and this has created a self-fulfilling prophecy that pushes more and more players to play this way, which is why gameplay is at rock bottom in this game.
Bugs and glitches have also plagued the game during the first two months, with one of, if not the worst, glitch we've ever seen coming to fruition. A calf dribble glitch saw players being able to stick the ball to their player's leg and run the ball into the net unchallenged. If you matched someone exploiting this glitch, you've lost, it was as simple as that, at least before it was fixed in EA FC 24 Title Update 4.
The one small crumb of gameplay comfort in EA FC 24 has been PlayStyles, with this new feature making a significant impact as it adds more individuality to players who possess certain PlayStyles, especially Whipped Cross, Finesse Shot and Quick-Step. As the game has progressed, PlayStyles have become more and more valuable, and I now find myself looking for certain PlayStyles on a player rather than certain stats.
In my original EA FC 24 review, I gave the first EA Sports FC instalment a four out of five. Now, I stick by most of what I said, as there are still some fun elements, but the lack of action from EA is making my review age very poorly indeed, and if I were to review it today, I would have to score it far lower.
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