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The company impresses visitors with its policies for a smart and green future
Anker Innovations showcased a range of smart technology solutions and commitment to a greener planet at the recently concluded Gitex Global.
“Gitex Global is the epicentre of technological advancements,” said Frank Zhu, President of Smart Innovations at Anker Innovations. “We’re thrilled to unveil our latest creations that are not just smart but also user-friendly for everyone, from children to adults.”
The eufy Security line-up exemplifies Anker’s cutting-edge innovation. The SoloCam S340 stands out with its dual-camera system that unlocks multidimensional protection as it offers a comprehensive 360-degree view that effectively eliminates any blind spots. What’s more, its solar-powered design is a testament to both sustainability and continuous protection. Once set up, it remains vigilant, guarding homes without the need for battery changes or manual checks. Meanwhile, the eufy Cam E330 is revolutionising home security with its 4K HD day-and-night vision, facial recognition, and vast storage, ensuring dependable and smart surveillance at all times.
A game changer for young creators, the AnkerMake M5C 3D Printer allows them to not only imagine their vision and potential creations but make it real.
Music enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the Soundcore Space One headphones, crafted to provide an unmatched audio journey. For those always on the move, the Soundcore Motion X600 portable bluetooth speaker, equipped with wireless Hi-Res spatial audio, is the ideal travel buddy, ensuring top-notch sound anytime, anywhere.
The Anker 3-in-1 Cube with MagSafe is a testament to modern convenience. In our fast-paced world, it’s essential to stay connected. These new charging solutions cater to everyone, ensuring that whether you’re using the latest iPhone or an Android device, you’re always charged and ready for the next adventure.
“While we’re passionate about technology, we’re equally committed to our planet,” said Faraz Mehdi, General Manager of Anker Innovations MEA and South Asia. “Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a responsibility.
“We’re constantly thinking about how our products impact the environment.
“Our partnership with R3 Factory in the UAE is a significant stride towards a sustainable future. Together, we’re breathing new life into old gadgets, ensuring they get a second chance rather than ending up as waste. It’s our way of ensuring technology remains a boon, not a burden, to our planet.”
At Gitex Global, the buzz around Anker Innovations was certainly noticeable. Attendees were not just impressed by the smart tech on display but also by the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability.
“At Anker Innovations, we envision a world where technology and nature coexist harmoniously,” said Mehdi. “And every step we take at Gitex Global and beyond is a step towards that dream. Together, with our partners and customers, we’re on a journey to recharge the future. A future that’s bright, smart, and green – ripe with opportunity and charging potential.”
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